Quality Improvement Tools

Quality Improvement (QI) tools enable sentinel physicians to explore their own EMR data in order to enhance services and practice operation. BC-CPCSSN offers two complementary QI tools: InQuIRE and DPT.

InQuIRE: Interactive Quality Improvement Reporting Environment

InQuIRE is an interactive, web-based tool that reports descriptive information about a sentinel’s patient panel using data extracted from EMRs. It allows sentinels and their primary care clinics to view their currently available information and select areas that might be of more interest to them by filtering information. InQuIRE is in the beta-testing phase and improvements to the tool are on-going.

Login to InQuIRE

There are many benefits to InQuIRE:

  • Sentinels can use this tool for their own individual quality improvement;
  • The primary care practice can use this information to develop clinic practice improvements;
  • A larger jurisdiction can use the information for strengthening primary care at a population level.

More information on the benefits of InQuIRE and a sneak peek of its functionality is available in this Youtube video:

DPT: Data Presentation Tool

The DPT is the new and improved quality improvement tool that can be used for practice reflection, analysis, reporting and patient recall. The DPT is a secure web application, like InQuIRE, and it will soon be available to sentinels. Features from the InQuIRE tool will be incorporated into the DPT but it will allow greater analytical capability.

The DPT will show a number of pre-programmed searches and reports from EMRs and allow providers to examine data through their own queries. Results can be exported for offline analysis and queries can be saved for repeated use. This kind of reporting is possible because CPCSSN data are cleaned and coded consistently to enable like-for-like comparisons across patients and providers.

Stay tuned for more information on the DPT and its official release! A sneak peek is available in this Youtube video: