Objective and Mission


BC-CPCSSN is a primary care information platform designed to inform innovations that will improve the overall health of Canadians.


To collect data from primary care EMRs that can then be used for multiple purposes, including:

  • Clinical practice improvement
    e.g. quality improvement initiatives can be implemented at a clinician and practice level using tools such as the Data Presentation Tool (DPT).
  • Communicable and chronic disease surveillance and management
    e.g. clinicians’ EMR data is cleaned using validated case definitions for 11 chronic diseases and provided back to clinicians in the DPT.
  • Health system planning
    e.g. facilitate the implementation of primary care networks (PCN) across BC by tracking patient journeys within the health care system.
  • Research
    e.g. linking BC-CPCSSN data with other sources of data such as hospital admissions or MSP billing can answer many health-related research questions.