Who We Are


BC-PHCRN’s tripartite leadership (science, policy, and clinical) reflects the continuum of care.

Science Lead

swDr. Sabrina Wong is a professor at the UBC School of Nursing and Centre for Health Services and Policy Research. She is the co-director of the BC arm of the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network (BC-CPCSSN) and co-chairs the SPOR Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovation Network Coordinating Office and the pan-Canadian CPCSSN. Her research focuses on the delivery and organization of primary health care services, with a focus on health and health care inequities.

Policy Co-lead

hdDr. Heather Davidson is Assistant Deputy Minister, Planning and Innovation Division, for the BC Ministry of Health. Heather brings to this network her experience in development and oversight of the BC SPOR SUPPORT Unit and the BC Academic Health Sciences Network.

Policy Co-lead

Shana Ooms is Executive Director of Primary Care in the Primary and Community Care Policy Division of the BC Ministry of Health. Shana brings to this network more than a decade of experience supporting the advancement of primary health care through a variety of research, policy development, and leadership positions.

Clinical Co-lead

saDr. Shazhan Amed is a pediatric endocrinologist at BC Children’s Hospital and a Clinical Associate Professor at UBC. Shazhan brings to this network her experience in conducting clinically relevant research and building collaborations between specialist and primary care physicians to deliver optimal health services for patients.

Clinical Co-lead

Dr. Fiona Duncan is a family physician and a Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC’s Department of Family Practice. Fiona brings to this network her experience as a representative on the General Practices Services Committee, Chair on the Vancouver Division of Family Practice Board of Directors, and Chair on the Division’s Continuity of Care Committee.

Advisory Committee

The committee is comprised of approximately 25 members and includes representatives from the key stakeholder groups – patients, researchers, clinicians, and decision-makers – ensuring equitable geographic representation from around the province.

Patient Advisory

The Patient Advisory is composed of 10 volunteer members from across BC. Members review and provide input on research projects based on their personal experience as a patients, share information with their networks, and support and advise the Advisory Committee and the BC-PHCRN leadership. The Patient Advisory recently engaged in designing a provincial primary health care priority setting project.


MudaliarVeena Mudaliar is the Network Manager for the BC-PHCRN, as well as a registered nurse. She is currently completing her PhD from the School of Nursing at UBC. Veena brings to this network her diverse clinical experience in community settings and her expertise in engaging with patients and clinicians.
dmDr. Andy Gibb is a Data Manager for BC-CPCSSN. Andy has an extensive, published track record in scientific research. He is the person that works on solving all of the programming issues, implementing automation algorithms and ensures the data are secure and meets the highest privacy standards.
dmDawn Mooney visualizes and communicates health data at the UBC Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, including for the BC-PHCRN. Dawn is interested in methods of effective graphical communication of health data and statistics, and in using mapping to explore, communicate and address geographic disparities in health and health care.