BC-PHCRN collaborates with researchers and other stakeholders on a wide range of projects aiming to improve primary care including many SPOR-PIHCI research projects and patient-led projects. If you are interested in learning more about collaborating with BC-PHCRN on a project please email us.

Estimating the Prevalence of Primary Non-adherence in British Columbia

BC, ON: Mike Law, Sabrina Wong, Seraphine Zeitouny, Mary DeVera, Anne Holbook

Clinician-Patient Communication Interaction and Health Outcomes

BC, MB, QC: Lorienne Jenstad, Gayle Halas, Olivier Jamoulle, Marie-Thérèse Lussier, Michael Ross McKenzie, Monika Wetzel

Supporting Integration Through Primary Health Care Teams: A Comparative Policy Analysis Across Five Canadian Provinces

BC, AB, ON, QC: Nelly Oelke, Darlene Arsenault, Shannon M Berg, Phil Graham, Brenda Jagroop, Genevieve Landry, Shana Ooms, Mylaine Breton, Sharon E Johnston, Stephanie R Montesanti

A Scoping Review of the Literature on Different Models of Allocating Funds to Facilitate Integrated Care

AB, BC: Pierre-Gerlier Forest, Gail MacKean, Nicolette McGuire, Judy Seidel, Jason Sutherland

Policies and Program Innovations that Connect Primary Health Care, Social Services, Public Health and Community Supports in Canada: A Comparative Policy Analysis

QC, PE, NS, ON, BC, NL, NB, MB, NS: Jeannie Haggerty, Marilyn Barrett, Shannon M Berg, Anne Junker, Denis Roy, Cheryl Tschupruk, Yves Couturier, Leanne Currie, Russell Dawe, Shelly Doucet, William Montelpare, Catherine Scott, Tara Stewart, Jason Sutherland, Robin Urquhart

Integrating Paramedics into Primary Care to Optimize Patient Time in the Community at End of Life

BC, NS: Alix Carter, Judah Goldstein, Fred Burge, Grace Warner, Doris Barwich, Jennifer Kryworuchko, Kim McGrail, Sabrina Wong

Validation of Administrative and Primary Care Electronic Medical Record Derived Frailty Algorithms

BC, AB, MB: Sabrina Wong, Tyler Williamson, Alan Katz

The PREFeR (PRioritiEs For Research) Project: Results from a Multistage Patient Priority Setting Project for Primary Care Research in BC

BC: Ruth Lavergne, Louisa Edwards, Vanessa Brcic, Carolyn Canfield, Rita McCracken, Kim McGrail, Sabrina Wong

CompaReport: A User-centered EMR Tool for Querying and Comparison Among Clinicians

BC: Billy Augustine, Abdulai Abdul-Fatawu, Natalya Lebedeva, Hanieh Shakeri

A Comparative Analysis of Centralized Waiting Lists for Unattached and Complex Patients Implemented in Six Canadian Provinces

BC, MB, ON, QB, NS, NB, PEI: Mylaine Breton, Michael Green, Jalila Jbilou, Sara Kreindler, Jason Sutherland, Valorie Crooks, Damien Contandriopoulos, Mélanie Ann Smithman, Astrid Brousselle, Jay Shaw, Emily Marshall, Sabrina Wong