British Columbia – Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network (BC-CPCSSN)

CPCSSN is the first pan-Canadian multi-disease electronic medical record (EMR) surveillance system. This primary care research initiative makes it possible to securely collect and report on vital information from Canadians’ health records to improve the way chronic diseases and neurologic conditions are managed. CPCSSN helps family physicians, other health professionals, and decision-makers examine service use and treatment of patients seen in primary care.

Eleven primary care research networks from across Canada contribute data to CPCSSN, including BC-CPCSSN, which is embedded within the BC-PHCRN. Health information is collected from electronic medical records in the offices of participating primary care providers (e.g. family physicians), referred to as ‘sentinels’. It enables us to examine e-health innovations as well as provide quick feedback for practices through our quality improvement tools, such as InQuIRE.

For more details on the benefits and tools available to participating clinicians, see our resources page for our information sheet, newsletters, and related presentations.