BC-PHCRN: Who We Are and What We Do
A one page PDF overview of the priorities, governance, and leadership of the BC-PHCRN that highlights the benefits of joining.

BC-PHCRN Achievements
A two-page PDF highlighting achievements in areas including stakeholder engagement, research training, clinical impact, and policy impact.

BC-PHCRN diagram slides
These two slides visually represent where the BC-PHCRN is situated within strategic health research initiatives in BC and the structure of the network.


September 2018 Strategic Planning Session Report
BC Primary Health Care Research Network (BC-PHCRN), 2018
BC-PHCRN held a strategic planning session in September 2018 in downtown Vancouver. The purpose of the meeting was to identify strategic priorities on which to focus BC-PHCRN resources and to develop specific goals and methods to address these priorities. This report details the results of the meeting.

Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Patient Engagement Framework
Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2014
This framework was developed from contributions from patient representatives and patient engagement exports who participated in the SPOR Patient Engagement Consultation Workshop in January 2014. It provides guiding principles and core areas for patient engagement in SPOR-funded research.

Directions for Health Research in BC
Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, 2014
This report offers strategic directions and actions to advance health research in BC, based on broad community consultation and an environmental scan.

Primary and Community Care in BC: A Strategic Policy Framework
BC Ministry of Health, 2015
This detailed discussion paper sets of goals and priorities for integrated primary and community care in BC for the next 10 years.

Setting Priorities for the BC Health System
BC Ministry of Health, 2014
This document resents the strategic and operational priorities for the delivery of health services across the province.