swDr. Sabrina Wong is a Professor at the UBC School of Nursing and Centre for Health Services and Policy Research. She is the co-director of BC-CPCSSN, research lead for BC-PHCRN, and co-chairs the SPOR Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovation Network Coordinating Office and the pan-Canadian CPCSSN. Her research program focuses on the delivery and organization of primary health care services, with a focus on health and health care inequities. She is currently working on improving the science and reporting of performance measurement in primary health care. She works with patients, clinicians, and policy makers in trying to align their goals for the improvement of a better primary health care system and health system planning. She is a recent recipient of the UBC School of Nursing Centenary Medal of Distinction to recognize individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the program.
Allison EzzatDr. Allison Ezzat is the Network Manager for the BC-PHCRN, as well as a registered physiotherapist. She recently completed her PhD from the School of Public and Population Health at UBC. She is currently working to engage CPCSSN clinicians and clinics and produce material that can be easily digested by busy clinicians.
dmDr. Andy Gibb is a Data Manager for BC-CPCSSN in the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research at UBC. Andy has an extensive, published track record in scientific research. He is the person that works on solving all of the programming issues, implementing automation algorithms and ensures the data are secure and meets the highest privacy standards.
Don White is a Data Manager for BC-CPCSSN in the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research. Don has over a decade of experience in health data systems, data security, and software development.