Join the BC-PHCRN

To support engagement and communication across the network, we have developed a membership registry to enable us to communicate with interested individuals, and ensure we do so in the ways indicated by those individuals.

Why become a member of the BC-PHCRN?

This is the best way to be kept informed of activities, opportunities for collaboration and BC-PHCRN events. As well, research project leaders must be a member in one of the pan-Canadian PIHCI Networks to apply to CIHR’s SPOR-PIHCIN funding opportunities. One of the Network’s key activities is helping to facilitate PHC research collaborations among members within BC and across Canada.

Who can join?

BC-PHCRN is an open network and welcomes individuals from all sectors involved in primary health care – researchers, patients, health care providers and policy makers.

Who will see the information I submit?

The BC-PHCRN leadership and staff will have access to the information you provide. The registry is password-protected and the information you enter will be kept secured and strictly confidential. If you provide consent (on the form) to have your contact information included in the members-only, password protected directory (future webpage on the BC-PHCRN website), that information will only be viewable by members of the network who have also consented to having their contact information in the directory.

Fill out a membership form