Clinician-Patient Communication Interaction and Health Outcomes

BC, MB, QC: Lorienne Jenstad, Gayle Halas, Olivier Jamoulle, Marie-Thérèse Lussier, Michael Ross McKenzie, Monika Wetzel

Please describe your research project and how it contributes to improving primary care.
This study involves a large, multidisciplinary, cross-jurisdictional team that includes patients, researchers, clinicians, and decision-makers from across Canada. We are seeking to investigate how communication between health care provider and patient/caregiver is linked to health outcomes and aiming to create a map of the existing literature on the topic, along with recommendations for the level of description to use when researching communication.

How did the BC-PHCRN contribute to supporting your project?
Partnering with BC-PHCRN to obtain this SPOR-PICHI grant has facilitated new collaborations and conversations. As we near the end of the project we are thinking ahead to next steps: possible primary research inspired by gaps identified by our literature search; possible secondary publications based on methodology and findings we hadn’t expected; and possible interdisciplinary, cross-jurisdictional projects with new-found collaborators. Further, we have had two patient partners who have been extremely involved throughout the project, beyond our expectations. Their contributions have been invaluable in shaping our work.