Damien Contandriopoulos, PhD

Professor and Associate Director of Research and Scholarship
School of Nursing
University of Victoria


Please describe your most important contribution(s) to primary care research
My work revolves around the transformation of primary care delivery models. This is general goal with three stands: 1) Research on physician compensation models (spoiler alert: we should move away from fee-for-service in primary care); 2) Research on nurse practitioner integration in primary care teams (spoiler alert: this could prove to be a truly disruptive innovation); 3) Research on the characteristics of highly inter-professional primary care teams (spoiler alert: if we keep primary care as a purely medical endeavour, we are doomed).

Please describe your current work or upcoming research projects related to primary care
Current research projects are focused on 1) measuring the effects of highly inter-professional primary care teams, 2) figuring out the interconnection between home care and primary care; 3) developing an evaluation framework for BC’s upcoming nurse-led primary care clinics.

What are the key messages from your primary care research to share with other stakeholders (e.g. clinicians, policymakers, patients)?
The future of primary care should be highly local, inter-professional, not physician-centric, not based on fee-for-service and inter-sectorial… Given where BC currently stands, let’s say there remains some work to be done.