Sabrina Wong, PhD RN

Associate Director, Research, and Professor, UBC School of Nursing
Faculty, UBC Centre for Health Services and Policy Research
Science lead, BC-PHCRN
Co-chair, SPOR Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovation Network Coordinating Office
Co-chair, Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network

Please describe your most important contribution(s) to primary care research

  • Improving the science and reporting of performance in primary care:
    • Developed patient, practice, and clinician surveys to capture experiences in primary care
    • Automated patient care experience and outcome measures data collection
    • Developed algorithms using administrative data to examine primary care (technical quality of care, access and continuity, health service utilization and costs)

Please describe your current work or upcoming research projects related to primary care

  • Performance measurement for a primary care learning health system
  • Electronic medical record case validation: urinary tract infection, heart failure, frailty; improving data quality through improving extraction, transformation and load functions
  • Development of a primary care surveillance system for communicable and non-communicable disease
  • Practice based cross country and international patient experience survey in primary care in conjunction with the OECD

What are the key messages from your primary care research to share with other stakeholders (e.g. clinicians, policymakers, patients)?
Sabrina’s work in the area of primary care provides a foundation for learning health systems. She has expertise in using scientific quantitative and qualitative methods in measuring and reporting on patients, organizations and clinician’s experiences in primary care. She has extensive experience developing and implementing self-report surveys and using administrative and clinical data from electronic medical records.