Invitation for PHC providers to participate in a research project

ACT-PHC is a pan-Canadian research project (with leadership in Ontario and British Columbia) evaluating the actionability* of primary health care (PHC) performance indicators for different professions providing primary health care in interprofessional teams. The aim is to increase the understanding that team members have of other team members’ scopes of practice and potential roles.

We invite you to participate! We are looking for nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, kinesiologists, dieticians, occupational therapists, and psychologists with either 3+ years of experience providing primary care or experience with the development or advancement of your profession’s competencies.

Participation involves: reviewing a professional competency framework document for your profession (15 min) and completing two rounds of a web-based Delphi survey (30 min/survey). The surveys involve ranking indicators from the ACT-PHC Performance Indicator Framework (developed by the research team) for your profession and then for the others.

Sharon Johnston (, based out of the Bruyere Research Institute in Ottawa, is the study lead. In BC, Dr. Sabrina Wong and Laura Housden are involved in the study. If interested and would like more information, contact Dr. Wong at


*Actionability: the extent to which you as a professional can influence the indicator in question working within your full scope of practice in primary care.


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