Manitoba Centre for Health Policy recruiting for new CRC Tier II position in applied public health

The Manitoba Centre for Health Policy (MCHP) is recruiting for a new CRC Tier II position in Applied Public Health, as described in their posting. They are looking for an outstanding early career researcher with success in attracting peer-reviewed funding to help exploit their unique population-based research data repository. This includes newly-acquired data on Justice, Social Housing, and Supportive Housing in addition to longer-standing data on Education, Family Services, Income Assistance, Child Protection and early years programs, as well as extensive data on health services. The incumbent will have considerable discretion in defining the focus of the research program, but they are particularly interested in candidates with training and/or experience in health economics.

If you know anyone who might be suitable or interested, contact us with their name and contact information, and we can pass their information on to MCHP.

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