Two knowledge synthesis and three comparative program and policy analysis SPOR grants funded with BC investigators

Eight Knowledge Synthesis SPOR PIHCI Network operating grants were funded across the country and two have BC investigators:

Building Cross-Generational Wellness and Resilience in Multi-Generational Indigenous Households: A Scoping Review
Principal Investigator(s): Currie, Cheryl L; Fox, Arnold; Ward, Cheryl; ManyGuns, Linda M; Marshall, E. Anne; Tait, Caroline L

Dimensions of Quality for Mobile Applications in Chronic Disease Management
Principal Investigator(s): Shaw, James A; Brown, Edward M; Fremont, Pierre; Hofer, Scott M; Agarwal, Payal; Borycki, Elizabeth M; Kushniruk, André W; Witteman, Holly M

More details from CIHR

Three Comparative Program and Policy Analysis SPOR PIHCI Network operating grants were funded across the country and all three have BC investigators:

Integrating paramedics into primary care to optimize patient time in the community at end of life
Principal Investigator(s): Carter, Alexandra; Dick, William F; Travers, Andrew H; Burge, Frederick I; Kryworuchko, Jennifer J; McGrail, Kimberlyn M; Wong, Sabrina T

Policies and program innovations that connect primary health care, social services, public health and community supports in Canada: A comparative policy analysis
Principal Investigator(s): Haggerty, Jeannie L; Barrett, Marilyn; Berg, Shannon M; Junker, Anne K; Roy, Denis A; Tschupruk, Cheryl; Couturier, Yves; Currie, Leanne; Dawe, Russell; Doucet, Shelley A; Montelpare, William J; Scott, Catherine M; Stewart, Tara L; Sutherland, Jason M; Urquhart, Robin L

What are the impacts of being formally enroled with a GP on continuity and integration of care? Evidence from a comparison of Quebec and British Columbia
Principal Investigator(s): Strumpf, Erin C; Davidson, Heather; Groulx, Antoine; Goldsmith, Laurie J; Loignon, Christine; McGrail, Kimberlyn M

More details from CIHR

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