Pan-Canadian SPOR PIHCIN is seeking two patient reps for National Leadership Council

The Pan-Canadian Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR) Network on Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations Network (PIHCI) is seeking two Patient Representatives to sit on its National Leadership Council. This is an exciting opportunity to help shape primary and integrated care across the country and support the development of learning health systems. The SPOR PIHCI seeks to combine the expertise of patients, researchers, clinicians, and policy makers to support system transformation. The overall goal is to improve the quality and responsiveness of primary care that is integrated with specialty care and community services across Canada by ensuring patient needs and considerations are included in all aspects of research.


Patient Representatives will be asked to bring a patient voice to the SPOR PIHCIN through the Leadership Council. Patients will also contribute to the regular work of the Leadership Council by sitting on the Executive Committee.

  • SPOR PIHCI National Leadership Council
    • Specific responsibilities include:
      • promoting the network among key stakeholders;
      • monitoring and reporting on progress against plans;
      • identifying priorities for research;
      • identifying and pursuing strategies to secure adequate funding;
      • developing capacity for carrying out primary and integrated health care research that involves patients
      • providing input into evaluation of the network.
    • This body will include: Patient Representatives (two); representatives from each of the 11 provincial and territorial organizations; representatives from the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) (non-voting); and SPOR PIHCI provincial managers (two, non-voting).
    • The Leadership Council will meet four times per year. Most of the meetings will be held by teleconference but at least one meeting per year is expected to be held in person.
    • The appointments are for 2 – 3 year terms.
  • SPOR PIHCI Executive Committee
    • This is a committee of the National Leadership Council with responsibilities to facilitate timely decision-making, set agendas for the Council and provide advice as required.
    • This body will include: Patient Representatives (two); co-chairs of the National Leadership Council plus four other members; representatives from CIHR (non-voting) and SPOR PIHCI provincial managers (two, non-voting).
    • The Executive Committee will meet before each Council meeting and as required to advance the mandate of the organization (this could be as frequent as every month).
    • The appointments are for 2 – 3 year terms.

Commitment and Expectation

Patient Representatives are expected to attend meetings and participate fully in deliberations. In particular, they will bring a patient perspective to ensure these interests stay at the forefront of all of the discussions of how research and collaborations can be supported to meet the goal of the national PIHCI Network.

Time Commitment. The time commitment will vary but will typically involve 2 – 4 hours, four times per year, for the Council and 1 – 4 hours per month for the Executive Committee.

Travel. An in-person meeting held once or twice per year would involve travel to a central location in Canada. Additionally, there may be other opportunities to attend conferences or workshops related to the mandate to expand knowledge or represent the organization. Attendance at these additional events is discretionary.


The National Leadership Council is looking for volunteer candidates who have the following experience:

  • Experience with the health care system, either as a patient or caregiver;
  • Experience working in research as a Patient Representative or equivalent;
  • A passion for helping health care delivery systems be more responsive to the needs of patients;
  • An ability to consider how health and illness might be improved across all patients and the potential for changes that might improve quality in the health care system.


In recognition for their time spent and valuable expertise, Patient Representatives will be remunerated for their participation and contribution. Remuneration will be provided for activities with a substantial commitment (half or full day intervals).

The remuneration for patients will be provided at a set rate of $150 per full day of meeting ($100 per half day), meeting preparation and travel. Regular meetings and preparation for the Council and Executive Committee are counted as a half day. Costs of travel and accommodation and meals will be covered in full. Alternatives to a cash remuneration will be considered – please describe your preferences in the application.

We are committed to the principle that financial circumstances should not be a barrier to participation. Those with extraordinary financial circumstances are encouraged to include this in their application so alternatives regarding remuneration can be considered.

How to Apply

To apply, candidates should write a letter describing how they meet the qualifications listed above. Supplemental documents such as resumes can also be included for consideration. This should be sent to the SPOR PIHCI office in the province or territory where the applicant resides.

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