Tools for Primary Health Care Reform – a selection of tools identified at the Taking the Pulse of Primary Health Care Reform conference

CHSPR’s 29th annual health policy conference, March 9-10, 2017, at the Pinnacle Hotel Vancouver Harbourfront, explored the promise, potential, and (real) progress on primary health care reform in BC and Canada. One of the pre-conference workshops was titled Tools for Primary Health Care Reform. During this three-hour workshop, presenters and participants talked about their experiences in primary health care reform and the tools that they have used or would like to have at their disposition. This toolbox includes links to a number of tools for scale and spread of primary care innovations, and related items including patient engagement and practice reports.

Speaker slides and abstracts are also available from the conference, which attracted almost 200 attendees from the clinical, research, and policymaker communities. A second workshop on patient engagement brought patients together with clinicians, policymakers, and researchers to discuss research ideas and priorities to support broader patient engagement in primary care research.

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