Recruiting primary care physicians in Metro Vancouver for a study of return to activity after concussion

Best practices for concussion care have evolved rapidly. The aim of this study is to learn what support family physicians need to implement new evidence-based clinical guidelines for concussion and whether this support translates into improved patient outcomes.

Benefits to primary care practices for participating:

  • Receive updated concussion management guidelines, synthesized and distilled for primary care
  • Mainpro+ continuing medical education Group Learning credits
  • Assistance with tracking patient recovery

Time requirements for participants: Attend two education sessions (60 minutes each, spaced months apart) and 5-7 minutes for completing a brief web-based post-encounter form after seeing a new patient with concussion (financial compensation provided).

Primary care practices with at least 3 physicians, located in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, New Westminster, or the Tri-Cities, are eligible. To learn more or enroll, contact 604-714-4108 or the Principal Investigator at

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