Webinar Jan 14: The PREFeR (PRioritiEs For Research) project: Identifying patient priorities for primary care research in British Columbia

The BC SUPPORT unit is hosting a webinar on January 14, 2019 at noon on the PREFeR project:

Patients need to be part of the very early stages of research when ideas are identified and prioritized, but this doesn’t often happen. The PREFeR project team includes members of the BC-Primary Care Research Network Patient Advisory along with researcher partners. Together we took a structured approach to identify topics for future primary care research from the patient perspective, as well as explore how patient and primary care provider ratings of the importance of these topics compared.

This webinar will describe the process we used to identify topics, survey broader groups of patients as well as providers, and collaboratively interpret results. We will discuss the topics identified and how these can inform future research questions.

Presented by: Ruth Lavergne

Details: https://bcsupportunit.ca/events-training/prefer-priorities-research-project-identifying-patient-priorities-primary-care

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