Collaboration opportunity: Co-Designing Relational Continuity Interventions for Inner City Patients Experiencing Hospital-Primary Care Transitions

Dr. Ginetta Salvalaggio of the University of Alberta is seeking collaborations with primary care researchers in Canadian cities who have interest in transitions in care, urban underserved populations, or (ideally) both.

Project overview: Patients who receive care from a steady team of professionals do better than patients without continuity of care. Unfortunately, despite their poor health and many health care needs, inner city patients have less continuity of care than other patients. Continuity between the hospital and the patient’s primary care home is especially important during and shortly after a hospital admission, yet little work has focused on the best way to support continuity during this transition period. Our research will a) involve inner city patients, hospital professionals, and primary care professionals in designing supports for the hospital-community transition period and b) explore the processes involved in getting such supports ready for implementation.

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