Team Mapping Facilitation Training

As primary care network communities move toward implementation in BC, the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council (BCPSQC) is working in collaboration with the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC), a partnership between the Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC, and UBC’s Innovation Support Unit (ISU) to develop and refine new and existing supports for primary care teams.

BCPSQC and the ISU will be offering team mapping facilitation training and mentorship to interested PCN communities to support individuals to facilitate this mapping in their local communities. Funded by the GPSC, this train-the-trainer approach will include a focus on team mapping preparation, the facilitation of team mapping sessions and the analysis and reporting process that allows communities to build the findings from team mapping processes into learning and action.

The first two offerings of these full-day workshops will be held on Thursday, June 13 and Thursday, July 4 in Vancouver, with the possibility for future regional sessions based on interest and demand.

If you are interested in registering for the upcoming team mapping facilitation training sessions or requesting a future session, please visit

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