Co-building a primary care policy hub of policymakers across Canada

An open invitation to policy and decision-makers to join the Canadian Primary Care Research Network for a roundtable discussion.

March 10, 2023 | 12:30-2:00 pm PST | In person: Downtown Vancouver | Virtual: via Zoom

This hybrid session is an associated event with the 2023 Centre for Health Services and Policy Research Health Policy Conference. Lunch is included for in-person participants and registration is via Zoom, not via the conference registration system.

The Canadian Primary Care Research Network (CPCRN) is an established interdisciplinary and intersectoral group of people who collaborate on generating solution-focused innovations in primary health care delivery. The CPCRN’s vision is to create a sustainable pan-Canadian primary health care learning health systems platform supported by patient-oriented, practiced based-research to improve patient and provider experiences in delivering and receiving care; population health; and health care expenditures. The Network’s mission is to establish and grow provincial and territorial practiced-based research and learning networks (PBLRNs) and a primary health care information system that will facilitate research to spread and scale innovations in PHC across the country.

One of the CPCRN’s objectives is to create sustained partnerships with financial partners, other SPOR funded networks/units, Indigenous communities/organizations and other like-minded entities, including policy and decision makers across the country. As such, the CPCRN seeks to form a policy hub with policymakers that will benefit its participants and the Network alike.

The purpose of this roundtable discussion is to co-develop a primary care policy hub for policymakers in primary care interested in patient-oriented research.

  1. To co-develop, provide feedback, and modify activities, opportunities, and deliverables for a policy hub of policymakers across Canada within the Canadian Primary Care Research Network.
  2. To co-develop, provide feedback, and modify the logistics of this new policy hub to acquire best-added value.
  3. To establish buy-in from policymakers for maximum participation in this new policy hub.

Who Should Attend
Policymakers, decisionmakers

Preliminary Agenda
12:30 pm | Lunch for in-person attendees
1:00 pm | Welcome & introductions
1:10 pm | Roundtable discussion
1:50 pm | Discussion summary & wrap-up
2:00 pm | Concluding thoughts

The panelists for this consultative session will include:

  • Jamie DeMore, Executive Director, Canadian Primary Care Research Network
  • Mylaine Breton, Associate Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Sherbrooke

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